Roll of Honor / Colonel's Message and Biography

Roll of Honor

Homer H. Abbott, Pfc., Co. C
Salvatore Acampora, Pvt., Co. F
Francis T. Adams, Pfc., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
James D. Adams, Pfc., Co. G
Holly Akin, Pfc., Co. G
Anthony Amato, Pfc., Co. B
Constant J. Baker, Pfc., Co. L
DeWayne E. Baker, Pfc., Co. C
Charles P. Bandy, Pvt., Co. E
Earl R. Barnes, T/5, Co. L
Glenn F. Baxter, Pfc., Co. E
Virgil R. Bennett, Pfc., Co. L
Elmer G. Blackman, Pvt., Co. K
Richard J. Blow, Pfc., Co. L
Gerald G. Bonter, Pfc., Co. B
Frederick C. Borchers, S/Sgt., Co. D
Herbert E. Bottjer, Capt., Co. K
John H. Brady, Sr., Pvt., Co. I
Manny Brand, S/Sgt., Co. F
Isaac D. Briggs, Pfc., Co. B
Benell T. Brown, Pfc., Hq. Co. 1st Bn.
Billy J. Brown, Pvt., Co. B
Duane Brown, Pfc., Co. C
Fred H. Brown, S/Sgt., Co. E
Loyd Brayn, Pfc., Co. K
Joseph L. Buck, Pfc., Co. K
James J. Byrne, Pfc., Co. E
William J. Caddy, Sgt., Co. C
Chester S. Caldwell, Pfc., Co. F
Adolphus J. Campbell, Pfc., Co. L
Arthur M. Charron, Pfc., Co. E
Israel J. Cisneros, Cpl., Co. H
William O. Clark, Pfc., Co. B
Robert Clausen, Cpl., Co. M
Hollis Cloyd, Pfc., Co. G
Fred V. Clutter, T/Sgt., Co. G
James F. Collins, Capt., Hq. Co. 1st Bn.
Henry A. Conrad, Jr., Pfc., Co. L
James C. Conway, Pfc., Co. B
Calvin E. Craig, Pfc., Co. I
Cyril Crockett, Jr., Pfc., Co. E
Manuel Cutler, S/Sgt., Co. K
Harlon Danielson, Pfc., Cn. Co.
Leland L. Davis, Cpl., Co. B
George F. Dawes, Pfc., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
Dominick R. DeDora, T/Sgt., Co. C
Frank T. DeMarco, Pfc., Co. E
Robert P. DeMay, Pfc., Co. B
Leland M. Deming, Pvt., Co. L
Robertson Dewhurst, Jr., Pfc., Co. I
Victor E. Diehl, Pfc., Co. C
Alfred C. Dittenhauser, Pfc., Co. E
Clifford W. Downer, Pfc., Co. B
Clifford G. Downton, Pfc., Co. A
Walter H. Drevlow, T/5, Co. G
Robert W. Ellenberger, S/Sgt., Co. G
John R. Elmore, Pvt., Co. K
Kenneth L. Elwell, Pfc., Co. E
Ralph R. Emmert, Pfc., Co. H
Ralph R. Emproto, Pfc., Med.
Elvin A. Eversull, Pfc., Co. E
William P. Farmer, Pfc., Co. G
Philip A. Felice, Pfc., Co. F
Foster G. Felker, T/5, Co. E
Victor J. Franchetti, Pfc., Cn. Co.
David M. Fratt, Pfc., Co. D
Thomas E. Fresh, Pfc., Co. K
John W. Fringer, Capt., Co. F
Jerome B. Fuld, Pfc., Co. A
George L. Garey, T/5, Co. I
John H. Gebhart, Pfc., Co. K
James W. Geltch, Pfc., Co. G
Russel O. Giller, Pfc., Co. G
Harold I. Gilles, Pfc., Co. K
Thomas E. Gilliland, Pfc., Co. E
Irving S. Goldman, Pfc., Co. C
Vernon W. Goodman, Pfc., Co. A
Frank R. Goulet, S/Sgt., Co. E
Robert L. Graves, Pfc., Co. 1
William E. Green, Cpl. Cn. Co.
Harvey R. Grenier, Pfc., Co. H
John C. Guthrie, Pfc., Co. L
John C. Gutierrez, Pfc., Co. F
George L. Hagenbuch, Jr., Pfc., Co. B
Ralph E. Hall, Pfc., Co. C
Joseph R. Hanley, Cpl., Co. B
Albert W. Harrington, Jr., Pfc., Co. L
Kenneth L. Hobbs, Cpl., Co. I
Lawrence W. Holland, Pfc., Co. L
Jalmer E. Holm, Pfc., Co. K
Herman W. Hoorman, Pvt., Co. I
Norman E. Hopkins, Pfc., Co. G
John P. G. Howley, 1st Lt., Co. M
Robert F. Hughes, Sgt., Co. C
James K. Hunt, Pfc., Co. A
Frank W. Jackson, 2nd Lt., Co. F
Thomas V. James, Pvt., Co. D
William W. Jemes, Pvt., Co. F
Hurshel Jobe, Pfc., Co. I
Franklin W. Johnson, Pfc., Co. A
John L. Johnson, Pfc., Co. L
Naoan L. Johnson, Pfc., Co. E
Lawrence Jolliff, Pvt., Co. B
William A. C. Jones, 2nd Lt., Co. A
Andrew G. Journic, Pfc., Co. A
Verne Judd, Pfc., Co. G
Victor S. Kaim, T/5, Co. E
Jack G. Keller, Pfc., Co. G
John A. Klimowitch, Pvt., Co. I
Charles M. Klink, S/Sgt., Co. I
Edward E. Knott, Pfc., Co. L
Jack W. Kobzeff, Pfc., Co. H
William J. Kokosinski, Pfc., Co. B
Harold A. Krause, Pfc., Co. K
Guy R. Laber, Pfc., Co. I
Russel E. Laird, Pfc., Co. A
Victor J. Lamar, 1st Lt., Co. E
Bruce E. Laubscher, Pfc., Co. B
Angelo J. Laurino, T/5, Co. A
Burnett R. Leebrick, T/5, Co. M
Robert E. Lee, 1st Lt., Co. E
Charles W. Lemons, Pfc., Co. K
Lewis R. Lindley, Pfc., Co. K
Stanley J. Locke, T/5, Co. I
Samuel K. Lua, Jr., Pvt., Co. L
Richard L. Lyon, Cpl., Co. G
Arthur E. Martin, Pfc., Co. M
William H. Maxson, S/Sgt., Co. C
George Mayotte, S/Sgt., Co. G
Hobart E. McCollum, Pfc., Co. E
John M. McDonald, 2nd Lt., Co. M
William D. McGee, Pvt., Med.
John M. McInerney, Pfc., Hq. Co.
Jack McKenna, Pfc., Co. I
James E. McKenna, Pvt., Hq. Co. 1st Bn.
Martin B. McKinney, Pvt., Co. C
James V. Meade, Pvt., Co. L
Joseph P. Mendonca, S/Sgt., Co. B
Donald E. Mettler, Pfc., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
Fletcher O. Miller, Sgt., Co. A
Lloyal J. Miller, Pvt., Co. G
Kenneth E. Mizner, Pfc., Co. A
Louis A. Mliczek, Pfc., Co. A
Thomas O. Moore, Pfc., Co. G
Arthur Morgan, Pfc., Co. D
Milburn L. Morrison, Pfc., Co. A
John R. Moses, Pfc., Cn. Co.
Richard A. Neisler, S/Sgt., Co. I
Leonard M. Nelson, S/Sgt., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
Harold R. Nestor, Pfc., Co. C
Arlington Newton, S/Sgt., Co. G
LaVere G. Nickelson, S/Sgt., Co. H
Walter M. Nogas, S/Sgt., Co. I
Roland Parker, Sgt., Co. M
William H. Parsons, Pfc., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
Robert A. Passell, Pfc., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
Richard W. Paul, Pfc., Co. C
Edwin L. Peterson, Pfc., Co. I
Irving A. Philbrook, Pfc., Co. B
Edward R. Pina, Pfc., Co. I
Anthony Pitucco, S/Sgt., Co. H
Stanley A. Plowshay, T/5, Co. E
John P. Porter, Pvt., Co. G
Howard F. Powers, Pfc., Hq. Co. 3rd Bn.
Trinidad P. Ramirez, Pfc., Co. E
Edward L. Reed, Pfc., Co. A
Clyde B. Reeder, Sgt., Co. K
Donald S. Remec, Pfc., Co. G
Arthur A. Rickert, Pfc., Co. K
Evan D. Roaden, Pfc., Co. I
Anthony J. Russo, Pfc., Co. B
George J. Ryan, Pvt., Med.
Roger St. Louis, S/Sgt., Co. K
Thomas Santandrea, Pfc., Med.
Eugene G. Sauer, Pfc., Co. E
Ralph W. Schmalzl, S/Sgt., Co. C
Lewis E. Shaw, T/5, Sv. Co.
Cleo E. Simoneau, Pfc., Co. B
George Slama, Pfc., Co. E
Charles P. Smith, III, 1st Lt., Hq. Co.3rd Bn.
Conrad Smith, Pfc., Co. H
Lawrence B. Standifer, Pfc., Co. I
Owen, L. Steele, Jr., Pfc., Co. B
Walter Stern, Pfc., Hq. Co.
Ralph L. Stover, Pfc., Co. B
Juan Suarez, Pfc., Co. K
Theodore Sunderland, S/Sgt., Co. K
John H. Swanson, Pfc., Co. L
Paul A. Swing, Pfc., Co. M
Bernard T. Szymanski, Pfc., Hq. Co. 1st Bn.
Donald G. Tanner, Pfc., Co. E
Louis R. Tate, T/5, Hq. Co. 3rd Bn.
Jesse C. Teague, Pfc., Co. D
Sidney R. Teague, Pfc., Co. B
Clarence E. Teats, S/Sgt., Co. D
Harold R. Thompson, Pfc., Co. C
Eugene Tinker, Pvt., Co. I
Elmer R. Todd, Pfc., Co. K
Harold D. Varner, S/Sgt., Co. K
Aubrey E. Vaughn, Pfc., Hq. Co. 1st Bn.
William Vesko, Pvt., Hq. Co. 2nd Bn.
William Voellmicke, S/Sgt., Co. A
Lucas L. Wallace, Pfc., Co. D
Newell W. Walton, Pfc., Co. A
Morris E. Ward, Pfc., Co. C
Arnold B. Wassom, Pfc., Co. B
Oren J. Waters, T/Sgt., Co. A
Samuel C. Weaver, Pfc., Co. C
William G. White, Sgt., Co. K
Robert C. Williams, S/Sgt., Sv. Co.
Andrew Woloszyn, 1st Lt., Co. D
Kenneth H. Wright, Pfc., Co. H
Peter D. Wright, T/Sgt., Co. E
Robert J. Yager, Pvt., Co. A
Clifford B. Young, Pfc., Co. F
Cayetano Zarate, Pfc., Co. C

Before this book was begun it had been dedicated; -- it was inevitably to be a memorial to our own dead. Nothing I could write would serve to make more forceful or meaningful this simple act of remembrance. Theirs was the fullness of the sacrifice. Ours must be the grim determination that they shall not have died in vain.

As your Colonel it is my duty to remind you that only a part of our job has been achieved. There is work to be done. It is even more a part of my duty to remind you that when the whole job is done you still will have an even greater task awaiting you -- the job of peace.

ost people think of soldiers as ingrained men of war. This is true of many nations -- but not of America. Instead, it is peculiarly characteristic if American Armies that their battles were fought primarily to obtain and to secure peace. Ours has never been, in the true essence of the word, an aggressor role. Our wars, such as this one, have not been sought but foisted upon us!

It is my heartfelt hope and prayer that the day of final peace may not be too far distant. When that day comes may all of you be as well prepared for the battle of everyday life as you have shown yourselves to be in those we have just fought together.

Some few of the lessons you had to learn for war will obviously have to be unlearned or forgotten. But most of the habits you have formed should stand you in excellent stead in your returns to normal lives. One habit, one lesson above all was needed to win our Battle of German. It was unselfishness. Without it, time and again, we would have been lost.

The ability to do without something, to deny one's self so that others might benefit, the ability to share with others, to give of one's self willingly and unstintingly -- this is unselfishness. The example of it is engraved for you in the Dedication. This regiment has had it a hundredfold.

Never forget the lesson nor the habit of it. Nor ever forget that if this was needed in war you will need it tenfold more in peace. Of those who are not with us I can only say, God grant them eternal peace.

To the rest of you I can only say, the "Old Man" is proud of you and of his regiment.

No matter what the future holds for any of us, may God bless you all and keep you ever safe and sound in His care.

Colonel Wallace A. Choquette has been associated with the Army since 1910. Born January 24th, 1893 in Northampton, Massachusetts, he enlisted in the Massachusetts National Guard when he was seventeen, and three years later was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant. When General Pershing led his expeditionary force into Mexico, Colonel Choquette was serving with the 2nd Massachussetts Infantry on the border, and later commanded a truck company which carried supplies to the Expeditionary Force. The 2nd Massachusetts Infantry was brought into the Federal service in 1917 and redesignated the 104th Infantry of the 26th Division. In France the Colonel served with the 26th Division until June, 1918 when he was transferred to the American Tank Corps commanded by then Colonel George S. Patton, seeing action at St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne. Back in the United States the Colonel reentered the National Guard in 1920, organizing a rifle company at Holyoke, Massachusetts. He was promoted to Major in 1926 and two years later became a Lt. Col. After attending the Infantry School at Fort Benning Ga., he was assigned as G-3 of the 26th Division in 1928. In 1929 he attended the General Staff School. Colonel Choquette remained as G-3 of the 26th Division until inducted with that outfit on June 16th 1941 when he was assigned as G-l of the VI Corps Headquarters at Providence, R. I. In 1941 he attended the Battalion Command and Staff Course at Fort Benning, was assigned to the 385th Infantry of the 76th Division, and subsequently became commander of the 304th Infantry on September 17th, 1943. He became a full colonel on February 7th of the following year. As Regimental Commander his ability to train men came to the fore just as his skill as a fine tactician came to the fore during combat. Home is Boston, Massachusetts. He is married and has two children: Wallace Jr., age 22, S/Sgt. Army Air Corps, P. I., and Elaine Marie, High School, Holyoke, Massachusetts. Hobbies: golf, bridge, checkers, and--many years ago--boxing, basketball, cross-country running, fishing and hunting. Postwar plans: business in Massachusetts.


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