DATE CP Town Company B
Feb.   4  OSWEILER,
Front-lines. Snow, rain, patrols. Ice cream from Red Cross. Artillery from Kraut.
Feb. 25  HOLSTHUM,

This is the first attack. The men moved quickly and surely. They took the objective fast. The Kraut never had a chance--men were green as grass,--but took plenty of prisoners.


Won't ever forget this town! What a hotspot! -- artillery "what was really a barrage" . . . 1000 yards! And the men just took it like veterans!--buckled down and kept right on slogging and pushing through.

Mar.  4  HOSTEN 

The Kyll River. We were really sweating blood that night . . . (one of the highlights:--One platoon completely surrounded by a platoon of Germans--completely armed--all the poor b------ wanted to do was surrender!) Auw--screaming meemies--beaucoup PWs.

Mar.  5  PREIST 

4 hours sleep. Tired, tired, tired--and hungry-even a "K" looked good. Three days here. Longest in one spot in long while.

Mar.  8  ARENRATH 

Ran into a hornets' nest which wasn't supposed to have been there. 4 Kraut officers tried to get into CP . . . alert guards took care of that . . . lost a. squad leader here. . . . really laid down his life for his men. Took town . . .


By-passed town; cleared out woods. Wet, cold, miserable--still going. Another river.

Mar. 11  MONZEL 

Can look down Krauts' throat across river. "Haben sie eier?" Combat patrol to Minheim. Sweated that one out. First USO show. Got replacements. Sure can use thew.

Mar. 16  OSANN 

"Outposting" the town. 2nd platoon in trouble--turned out all right. Good eats. Lots of mail. Warm weather beginning--about all a "doughfoot" could ask for.

Mar. 22  DAXWEILER  Rest, outposts, rest, dig, outposts, rest . . . Replacements a wee bit trigger-happy.
Mar. 22  KOBLENZ 

Outposted a brewery. Big hotel, sheets on beds; champagne. Rhine just like any other river-except that it's the Rhine.

Mar. 30  DASBACH  Morale, good--men are bitching! Outposts as usual. Had a good day--22 PWs.

100 miles by motor convoy. New experience. Calluses other than on feet. Beats walking, though.

Apr.   4  ELBERSDORF  Woods sweeping. No action. Just walking.
Apr.   6  LANGENSALZA  First real air attack. Everyone opened up with everything he had.
Apr.   8  GRÄFENTONNA  Outposted again. Pretty good town for eggs.
Apr. 10  RINGLEBEN  Took a few towns--3 or 4--on the way towards Zeitz.
Apr. 13  ZEITZ 

Morning just before attack heard of F. D. Roosevelt's death--didn't believe it--Friday 13th--crossing under sniper fire--learned to really love the "tankers" that day. Zeitz, a large city, a key city. Things like this are usually pretty expensive. We paid what it cost . . . We were fixing to cross the Weisse Elster River when German snipers opened up all around. (Got a new shavetail as platoon leader, "Joe" Conger, who turned out to be as good as they come!)

Apr. 15  MITTWEIDA  Chasing the 6th Armored

Heavy artillery barrage came in. Relived 6th Armored. Excitement. Russians getting close. Fighting Germans not very far ahead of us. We got what turned out to be our last pounding by German artillery. It wouldn't have mattered, though even if we had known! We were still too excited over the prospect of those Russians.

Apr. 19  OTTENDORF  Relieved 2nd Bn. outposts again. Where are the Russians
Apr. 25
May   9 

Into the Bn. Reserve. Still here at time of V-E Day. School's out --but news received quietly. Home?--our CBI?


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