DATE CP Town Company C

Jan. 25 

DICKWEILER  Sauer River--Frontlines--German artillery.
Jan. 29  BERBOURG  Regimental reserve.
Feb.  3  RODENHOF  Relieved "F" on line. Lull before storm. Contact 417th.
Feb.  5  FERME
"Storm" is here. Ammo. detail for 81 mm. Right now Sauer looks big.
Feb. 19  OSWEILER,

Relieved Baker; defensive positions NW. Everything still fine. One combat casualty. Itching to touch German soil. Rumors are thick.

Here at last. Live in German dug-outs. This is Hitler's Reich.
Feb. 25  HOLSTHUM 

First attack. Crossed Prüm--high ground left of Holsthum. Enemy sniper, artillery fire. A few casualties. (Fox-holes dug deeper each day!)

Feb. 27  MECKEL  East of Meckel 12 mile march--constant alert--no incident.
Feb. 28  HELENENBERG  Passed through 2nd Bn., secured town. Rolling terrain--open approaches. Direct fire--88s, mortars. Company slogged through! Gained objective. Casualties heavy-men showed strain.
Mar.   1  WINDMÜHLE  Attack completely successful. 30 PWs. Few casualties.
Mar.    4  KYLL 

Tried to cross. No soap. Direct MG fire pinned us down. Withdrew by creep and crawl. Crossed at another point.

Mar. 10  WITTLICH  Followed 10th Armored in. First large city. Men dog-tired.
Mar. 12  PIESPORT 

Moselle. (River and wine.) In town under cover of darkness. Stumbled down valley. Mortar barrage, coming into town. No casualties, thank God! Replacements just came. First rest in 15 days.

Mar. 21  DAXWEILER  More rest--with a dash of garrison training.
Mar. 27  KOBLENZ  Kaput! Object lesson; air superiority. Comfortable feeling.
Mar. 29  ST. GOAR 

Rhine--treadway bridge. (Engineers on bridge; "target practice" at every floating object as mine security!)

Mar. 31  LENZHAHN 

Mopping up--outpost duty--truck movement. Guarded Autobahn, Frankfurt to Cologne.

Apr.   7  LANGENSALZA  Still burning. Thuringia at last. Tanks! No more hills for a spell.
Apr. 12  ZEITZ 

With 6th Armored - into town, down railroad tracks, with 2 medium tanks. Hard fighting that night, all next day. Waded Weisse Elster-strong current-waist deep-snipers. Casualties surprisingly light.

Apr. 15  MITTWEIDA  Line of defense along Zschopau. Snipers opposite bank. Enemy artillery.

Across Zschopau--no opposition until in town; here, opposition "fanatic;" snipers, mortars, meemies; two counter-attacks repulsed; many PWs; company digs in. Patrols go through to try contact Russians.

Apr. 25
May   9 

Under darkness, "bequeathed" Schönborn to Russians entrucked for this town. Outposts. End of war; garrison life.


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