THE WHITE BATTALION__Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion


DATE CP Town Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion
Jan. 24  BECH 

Made trip from Hives, Belgium--and what a trip. In trucks like sardines.--The coldest night we ever spent. Finally arrived in Bech, Luxembourg.

Jan. 25  OSWEILER 

Into the line as relief for 347th Inf., 87th Division. All movements at night; enemy directly across the Sauer, and take every chance to lay in with 88s and mortars. We took plenty here. . . especially commo men and drivers.

Feb.  3  BERBOURG,

Back to Berbourg. 1st Battalion takes over. Get some badly needed sleep--and heat!


Across the Sauer as reserve for 385th. Jerry let a round drop close to our chow line. Soft mud saved us. No casualties.


Dug in outside Ferschweiler. Jump-off. When it came, our company, except I & R, remained behind. The I & R boys worked contact between company and battalion. Only small-arms fire crossing Prüm; but terrain rugged. Next day a big battle. That night, the Anti-Tank men helped A & P carry ammo, and hot chow up front. Made six round trips over the torturous route that night. Commo did swell job with contact between companies.

Feb. 26  ALSDORF 

Company motors finally caught up. Everybody dug in for a rest and reorganization.

Feb. 27  MECKEL 

Headquarters and A & P platoon to top of hill overlooking Meckel; caught a barrage of 88 and mortar; after five tries, made it over the hill. Several casualties. Company into Meckel before going on.

Mar.   1  OLK 

Narrow escape for motors just before Olk. Six jeeps over a mined road. Jeep from 1st battalion following company motors blown to bits. Into Olk late evening. Set up a defensive network to prevent infiltration.

Mar.   4  SPEICHER 

Walking elements crossed Kyll River under heavy enemy fire. Reached Speicher at night. Jerry threw in screaming meemies--one landed right in front of CP. Shrapnel all though house, but no one injured. Company motors moved across Kyll in pitch-blackness. Men sat on hood to guide drivers. The battalion into reserve. Someone discovered pink champagne!

Mar.  8  BURG 

Down to Burg after the line companies. Some enemy 88 fire--quite la few casualties. Anti-Tank and A & P men again carried supplies down a steep slope, over a small, swift stream, and up a high embankment.

Mar. 11  WITTLICH 

March to Wittlich; battalion in regimental reserve. Washed clothes, wrote letters--relaxed.

Mar. 15  NOVIAND 

Out of reserve, up to the Moselle, spread along eight mile front. Because of spread, commo had great difficulty laying wire. Contact supplemented by "300" radios and motorized patrols.


Moved with battalion to Oberheimbach, just one mile west of Rhine. Exposed for a short time to 20 mm. enemy fire.

Mar. 29  ST. GOAR 

Set up to guard two strategic bridges over Rhine. For the first time regiment and division moved ahead of battalion.

Apr.   3  GROSSROPPER HAUSEN  Company (and battalion) across Rhine. 135 miles. Caught up with regiment.
Apr.   4  MELSUNGEN  20 miles to Melsungen. Joined 6th Armored.

Walking elements of company marched 30 miles that day helping sweep the woods. A & P platoon took couple of snipers. That night, footsore and weary, billeted at Frankershausen.


Followed the armor 42 miles, moved into Allstedt. On up to Thamsbrück. Large warehouse of all kinds. Jerry food and wine. Because of this, ate heartily next few days.


Against stiff, bitter enemy resistance, battalion took nine towns in one day. Moving into Strassfurt, company was called on to help G Company clear out large batch Volkssturm located on a hill outside town. 0200 finally back to Bad Tennstedt.


Moved by motors with battalion; lost two or three times; finally made it to Kretzschau. Battle between Luftwaffe and our AAA guns. The final score--3 planes down. Company captured 12 German "Flak Girls."


Outside of Drossdorf, joined CCA of 6th Armored. Line companies with CT 15 or CT 9, Hq. Co. with command group following CT 15.

Apr. 15  RIPPICHA  Battalion 20 miles to Rippicha. Saw show of air power by P-47s.

Ahead of 6th Armored, battalion into Ottendorf sector. Company located here. Col. Harris, the CCA commander, notified Lt. Col. Richardson, that 2nd Battalion, of all the Allied forces, had deepest penetration into Germany.

Apr. 18  MARKERSDORF  Relieved by B Company. Moved back to Markersdorf. Regimental reserve.

I & R section set up outpost in a high stone tower to watch for Russians. Several men returning to Markersdorf were captured by the Germans. All but four escaped when a friendly-patrol came near town.

May  9  BURGSTÄDT  Thus, the war ended.


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