DATE CP Town Company E
Jan. 22  HIVES 

Private billets--barns. Security; motorized patrols. 70-mile ride through Luxembourg.

Jan. 25  OSWEILER 

Positions on Sauer; Siegfried Line. Purple hearts. Jerry patrols. Mine fields, booby traps. Forward CP in "Log City."


Regimental reserve. Hot showers, movies. Formed assault squads; preparation Siegfried Line. Flame throwers, bangalores. Patrols.


Division reserve. Built corduroy roads; supplies to 417th.. PW inter-rogation. German soil. (Found cache of liquor--liquidated!)

Feb. 16  BÖLLENDORF  CP inside German pillbox. Each meal Jerry artillery. "Chow Call Charlie."
Feb. 25  HOLSTHUM 

Attack mission across Prüm. Night; hills; woods; PWs. Enemy mortars in mine field; casualties. Snipers. Afternoon attack. Open field. Objective taken: reorganized in woods. Counter-attacks repulsed. (More artillery than any other battle.) Rest of woods cleared next day. (10 MGs knocked out, 60 PWs, 20 Jerries killed.) Next day waded Nims; artillery, meemies. On 27th, helped take Meckel, dug in on high ground; direct 88 fire; executed flanking movement. Attacked town. Town taken. Artillery, mortar; withdrawal, reorganization.

Mar. 2  WELSCHBILLIG  Divisional reserve . . . out of reserve . . . attack orders.
Mar. 4  HOSTEN 

Spearheaded over Kyll; MG fire; cliff. Cleaned town; went for Preist. Speicher--S-A, artillery. English signs--"Scenery beautiful but dangerous," "See the Rhine, leave your skull." (Kraut company surrendered to us here.)

Mar. 8  LANDSCHEID  Divisional reserve . Relieved next day.
Mar. 10  MUSWEILER  Took Schladt. Captured Plein.
Mar. 11  WITTLICH 

Supposed to have week rest. Did receive replacements. On 12th attached to 3rd Bn. Night action; new men a little uncertain.

Mar. 13  MARING  Attack through vineyard. Jerries pulled out.
Mar. 14  CUES 

Met forty Jerries coming upstreet. Jerries dispersed, started shooting. Cleared this up and pulled out.

Mar. 15  LIESER 

Up hill through woods; after awhile, halt. Wounded why? Heard artillery observer direct three rounds. Knocked out gun; munitions dump. PW said: "most accurate firing in six years--Eastern--Western fronts.

Mar. 18  WEHLEN  Several days--holding force.

100 mile ride; open trucks; mountains. Arrived at night; direct observation across the Rhine. 12 mile holding position.

Mar. 29 ST. GOAR  Night ride along Rhine; artificial moonlight flooded river--against sabotage.
Mar. 30  BOPPARD 

Bridge security. Patrols cross Rhine daily. (Billeted--swanky hotels; even promoted sheers. Looked out of window as you ate; wondered why Jerries didn't quit!)

Apr. 2  WOLSDORF  Boppard--following behind the armor 45 miles.
Apr. 3  GROSSROPPERS HAUSEN  93 miles more into Germany. Plenty cold on trucks. "Beaucoup" eggs.
Apr. 4  MELSUNGEN  25 miles. Security for regimental CP.

Came "the hard way." Mission: clean out woods; arrived on bloody stumps; 30 miles.

Apr. 6  ALTERSTEDT  Trucks, 50 miles to this town. Billeted.

One platoon by truck to take two small towns. Jerry plane; four mounted guns opened up. Everyone dismounted. At Langensalza, sardines, frankfurters, beer, etc., courtesy of Wehrmacht.

Apr.   8  GROSSWELSBACH Two days waiting. (Big doings reported!)
Apr. 10  VEHRA

Rumor, battalion to take seven towns. Understatement: nine that day. First town easy. Snipers on flanks; held up. Luftwaffe dived low. Moved on Schwerstedt. Platoons deployed. Jerries pin down rifle platoons--MG, sniper fire. Weapons platoon scored direct hits. Tanks, another rifle company . . . relieved situation. Forward again--with tanks, 57s mounted on trucks. Straussfurt. Snipers, MGs, cleared up in short order. Two more towns.


Vehra, Bad Tennstedt, Wernigshausen. Regt. Reserve. Rested after tough day. Entrucked behind CCA; close support to armor. Platoon at a time ahead to guard bridges. As tanks rolled by, guards received bottles wine, cognac, cigarettes, "K" rations.

Apr. 14  DOBITSCHEN  East again. Resumed drive with 6th Armd., 34 miles to Lunzenau.
Apr. 15  LUNZENAU 

Bridge guard over Zwickauer Mulde, Chemnitz Rivers. (DPs "patronized" unattended store.)

Apr. 17  OTTENDORF  Defensive; expected counter-attack. Contact with Russians awaited.

Company relieved; to Burgstädt--defensive positions. Contact with Russians awaited.

Apr. 19--
May  9 
Thank God!


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