DATE CP Town Company I

Company is committed--our line taking in towns of Girst and Girsterklaus. Heavy patrol activity on both sides. Everyone uncomfortable; living in foxholes of every description. Much snow; a sudden thaw helps morale.


Send mortar, rifle and machine-gun patrols out to town of Port to draw enemy fire. In darkness dig in immediately opposite pillboxes of Siegfried Line. Open fire and receive expected fire and more-a very successful night!


Left Dickweiler and moved across the Sauer by foot. Ferschweiler--it was a town--now rubble. Take up positions overlooking Prüm, and zero in on possible targets of opportunity. Use well-prepared Jerry emplacements. Very comfortable--three layers of logs for roofs; tables and bunks--even a stove. Support 1st battalion by fire in taking town of Holsthum.

Febr. 26 ALSDORF

Move into the attack; point of the battalion. Charge "Indian fashion" down long slope to banks of Nims; wade across the river and take high ground just beyond Alsdorf. Miserable all night; receive heavy shelling--casualties. Support K Company in breaking up counter-attack.

Febr. 27 MECKEL

Point in attack again. Hit by terrific mortar and artillery barrages--heavy casualties. Take Gilzem in night attack. Morning, pinned down by fire from pillbox; later knock it out.

Mar.    1  MECKEL

Clean out area, capture eight pillboxes. Overnight "rest" in Meckel. Off to the Kyll.

Mar.    4  HOFWEILER 

Relieved 318th Inf. Crossed Kyll as point of battalion; occupied Orenhofen; immediately a barrage of "meemies" began, lasting--on and off--three days.

Mar.   5  ORENHOFEN 

Repel counter-attack of tanks and infantry. Much "sniper" trouble in company area; all night session with Jerry combat patrol.

Mar.   8  NIERSBACH  Capture Niersbach. Company task-force takes Greverath.
Mar.   9  LANDSCHEID  Take Minderlittgen.
Mar.  12  WENGEROHR 

Point of battalion; mop up towns on approach route to Moselle; held up at Wengerohr by mortar fire.

Mar.  13  PLATTEN 

Company takes Wehlen after unsuccessful night attack by battalion. (Plenty of Moselle wine; platoons enjoy own cooking--eggs, ham, fruits, etc.).

Mar.  16 ALTRICH 

Relieved at Wehlen by F Company, trucked to Altrich for real three-day rest. First showers since England; first actual change of clothes; first movie.

Mar.  19  MARING 

Cross the Moselle on pontoon raft powered by out-board motors; take Veldenz-no resistance.

Mar.  21  MARING 

Recross Moselle and truck ninety-one miles to Waldalgesheim; take up positions along the Rhine. Beautiful billets; swept woods for enemy. Surprise and capture several German officers and EM. Visited Rhine castle.


Relieved along Rhine by F Company; moved to Kisselbach; guard bridges and rear echelon.

Mar.  28 ST. GOAR  Trucked fourteen miles to St. Goar to secure Rhine bridge.
Mar.  29  IDSTEIN  Rear echelon again, this time guarding Division Rear.
Apr.    5  HITZERODE 

Finished mopping up 150 miles of isolated German pockets in wake of 6th Armored in a series of motor and foot marches. (Three days straight, walked more than 15 miles each day, clearing woods and towns.)

Apr.   8  STRUTH 

Support 65th Div. in beating off Heinie counter-attack which threatened 6th Armored's lifeline. Called from Mühlhausen where we had been sent to establish military law and order--a good thing never lasts!

Apr.  8  KEFFERHAUSEN  Set up security for 6th Armored supply lines.

Following the armor again, this time on foot; two enemy air attacks--first we had experienced.


Occupy Bad Tennstedt, clear the town and have pleasure of destroying enemy equipment.


Truck another hundred miles; two more air attcks. Can't cross Weisse Elster River in First Army territory due to priority for their own traffic. Finally cross near Zeitz. Assemble at Rositz for attack on Altenburg. Leading element; but no resistance. City surrendered by telephone.

Apr. 16  RÖLLINGSHAIN  Dig in perimeter of defense with rest of battalion and wait for Russians.

Stage hit and run combat tactics to cover turn of Third Army into Czechoslovakia. Make several attacks to harass the enemy - take over towns beyond our lines - then withdraw in a few hours.


3rd platoon on reconnaissance patrol goes further east into Germany than any other American force.

Apr. 25  PENIG 

Pulled back to Penig to await the Russians. Guard bridges, hospitals and assist in screening of civilians.

May  9  PENIG  V-E Day celebrated in Penig (without liguor).


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