DATE CP Town Company L
Relieved 87th. Barrages, patrols; snow, mud; sweat out assault.
Relieved 10th Regt. Time is getting shorter.
Feb. 26  ALSDORF  Head for Nims. Dark! Take shellacking in woods, but cross to Alsdorf.
Feb. 27  MECKEL  "Meemies" all AM. TDs look good. Take town, 20 mms. Hot meal!
Feb. 28  GILZEM  Night attack. Exposed ground. Pillboxes at dawn.
Mar.   1 EISENACH In with marching fire. Many PWs. Take high ground.
Mar.   2  MECKEL Move up--dig in--dawn. Hold all day. (5 hours sleep! Move out!)
Mar.   3 ITTEL-KYLL Something's up--headed for river. Kyll, ravine--no picnic.

Attack surprises them . . . for awhile. Rockets, snipers, shells, patrols, tanks--the works! Food, ammo low. Krauts want town!

Mar.   8  N1ERSBACH Sweat out woods but took town without a shot! Hmm!
Mar. 12  PLATTEN 

No resistance! Air Corps flattened it! Tried to save bridge at Wehlen. Pulled back to Platten for hot meal; then headed for Lieser.

Mar. 14  LIESER  Artillery knocked 'em groggy. 88s across river. Patrols. Hot time in Cues!
Mar. 16  WENGEROHR  Eat, sleep--nothing else! (Must be dreaming.)
Mar. 19  ANDEL  Across Moselle; Kraut took off. Left mines on the banks.
Mar. 20  LIESER  Settled, but alert--Kraut is tricky! (Rhine--not too far away!)
Mar. 21  WEILER  On the Rhine. Other shore looks grim.
Mar. 25  DÖRREBACH  Regimental reserve here. Just bummed it for a couple of days.
Mar. 27  MIEHLEN  6th Cav. Boppard under shelling; off for Giessen. Ride tanks; stopped here.
Mar. 28  BAD EMS  Tearing along. White flags. Clearing, screening, main job.
Mar. 29  LANGGÖNS  Giessen; reorganized near-by. Clean up, rest. How tanks take off!
Mar. 31  STEINFISCHBACH  Rejoin Regt., screen area. Flush woods, no Kraut.
Apr.  3  ALLMUTHSHAUSEN  By truck to meet 6th Armd. More woods.
Apr.  5  HITZERODE  Daily "rat-race"--no fun! Hot meal. K-ration, nine towns beyond.
Apr.  6  GROSSENGOTTERN  Tanks again. Help 65th--"bloody Struth." Luftwaffe. Dingelstädt.

Tanks roaring now; hard to keep up. Finally, motorized; Kraut on run; looking for someone to surrender to. (Some don't, though.)

Apr. 14  ZEITZ 

Luftwaffe, final bid. Sweat out Zeitz but move on to Altenburg. Kraut convoys burning; equipment strewn everywhere.

Apr. 15  ALTENBURG  Tear in on tanks. 1800 PWs in Regtl. cage. DPs everywhere.

By truck. Dug in. Defensive. Pretty rough, artillery, rifle fire, etc.; tanks accomplish mission. Sweating out Russians!

Apr. 25 PENIG Continual motor patrols and bridge guard. Outposts along Zwickauer Mulde.
May  9 Alerted to meet Russians. War's over for us in Germany! V-E Day!


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