During the days, both at Altenburg and Hof, immediately succeeding the cessation of hostilities, sports programs came quickly into being.  Swimming-because of the season, naturally-through June, July and August, was intensely popular among the vast majority of the men.  It was something in which practically anyone could participate.  It, was not necessarily competitive and could be enjoyed in the sense of sheer relaxation.  At Altenburg a beautiful swimming pool was found and reserved for the exclusive use of officers and men for most of the week.  Whenever weather permitted the pool was full and regular life-guard service was arranged for at all times the pool might be occupied.
     The same experience was repeated at Hof in the regimental area there.  A pool was located and was quickly whipped into shape by cleaning, repairing, flushing and filling it.  And here again the pool did not experience many idle moments.  Swimming meets were arranged and held.  Even amidst the continual flux of personnel the competitive spirit still had for the American soldier an appeal more strong than anything else.


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They had encountered plenty of water heretofore in Germany.  But all of it had been ice-cold and had stayed in their boots and had been mixed up with snipers and meemies and 88s.  Up till now none of it had been in pools--like this!

This was a novelty--to be able to
     take off your shoes and then jump
         in--to be able to do it just with
             a pair of trunks--and even to do it
                 from a spring-board!  To horseplay
                     in the water, to splash and to splutter,
                         to lie down in the sun and relax
                             and to dry out that way!  This
                                 was suffering from sheer comfort!



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