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The Old Man


Lt. Col. Peter W. Garland

Lt. Col. Peter W. Garland, Regimental Commander, succeeded Col. O. P. Bragan on April 28, 1945 at Hohenstein, Germany.  Until his promotion, Col. Garland was Executive Officer of the Regiment, and has been associated with the 385th ever since May 1942, except for a five month period from May until October 1944, when he was A C of S, G-3 of Division.

He was Regimental S-3 until Jan. 1, 1943 when he was simultaneously promoted to Lt. Col. and assigned as 385th Executive Officer.  As Exec. he fought the battles of Ft Meade, A. P. Hill, Camp McCoy, and served as Executive officer through the campaign in Luxembourg and Germany.

Col. Garland attended the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of West Point class of 1936.  He served in the Philippines from 1938 to 1940, during which time he also visited China and Japan.  In the fall of 1941 he attended the Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and in the Spring of 1944 he took the Advanced Officers Course at Fort Benning, Georgia.

He is married and has two daughters, one of whom was born since he has been overseas. His home is at Gastonia, North Carolina.



The Exec


Lt. Col. Simon R. Sinnreich

Lt. Cot. R. Sinnreich attended West Point Prep School at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and from there entered West Point, graduating in 1938.

Following West Point, Col. Sinnreich saw service with the 29th Infantry Regiment at the Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Georgia; 9 months with Hq. MP Co. of the 4th Division; and a temporary assignment as Assistant G-2 of the 3rd Army.

After several more Army schools including the Advanced Officers Course and Battalion CO and Staff Officers School at Benning. Colonel Sinnreich went with the 29th Infantry to Iceland in September 1943.  He remained with the 29th Division until April, 1945. when he came to the 76th.

Before assuming his present position as Executive Officer for the Regiment, he was 3rd Battalion Exec, and for two months commanded the 2nd Battalion.

He is married, and his home is in New York, N. Y.


Capt. Robert H. Briner

Capt. Henry G. Stone

The Brass

Capt. Max H. Reed

Maj. Gerard E. Noble



The Doughs



With an Assist
from the 355th FA Bn.


Lt. Col. E. N. Smith
Commanding Officer: 355th FA Bn.

-- Pals --

The 355th is an old friend of the Doughs of the 385th.  Side by side, the Artillerymen and the doughs have fought the battles of A. P. Hill, and Camp McCoy, and now that the battles of the ETO are over, men of the 385th really know what that friendship means.  Back in maneuver days when everything was simulated, it was pleasant to think about artillery support.  But when it came to the Siegfried Line and the days that followed, those artillery rounds sounded swell going out.  For the first time, the Infantrymen could really see what the Artillery can do, and throughout the entire campaign, the 355th gave a most convincing demonstration.  Men of 385 are proud of the comradeship which exists here between the two branches of Service and are grateful for the fine support when it was needed.

In the inning which really counted, the long term friendship paid dividends.






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