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First Battalion



The C.O. - Lt. Col. George C. Clowes

The Exec. - Capt. W. J. De Felice

S-1 Capt. Owsley S. Stone

S-2 2nd Lt. David J. Bailey

S-3 Capt. Elliott C. Cutler

S-4 1st. Lt. Gordon A. Ellison


The C. O.
Lt. Col. George C.  Clowes


The Exec
Capt. W. J. DeFelice


Dash Across Germany

It was on the cold gray afternoon of the 16th of February, 1945, that the 1st Battalion 385th, commanded by Lt. Col. Geo. C. Clowes. organized on the south bank of the Sauer River.  At 1850, the Battalion crossed the river to receive its baptism of fire, taking up positions along the Prüm river.  From here, the Battalion crossed the Prüm and took Irrel.  Next the Battalion moved to Olk, and then advanced to Trier.  Here, the Battalion was relieved and moved to the vicinity of Priest, to form Task Force Onaway on the 3rd of March with Koblenz as the objective.  The Battalion fought its way to Karl and was then relieved and moved to Nuerburg for a rest while Company "A" took up positions along the Moselle at Urzig.  From Nuerburg, the 1st moved to Boppard for the "Watch on the Rhine", and crossed the River on the 24th of March.  From the east bank, the Battalion advanced to Kassel. and from there began the rapid movement across central Germany encountering only light resistance and taking many towns until reaching Taura.  From here, the Battalion moved to Oberlungwitz in a defensive position held until the cessation of hostilities on the 9th of May.


Capt. Owsley S. Stone

2nd Lt. David J. Bailey

Capt. Elliott C. Cutler

1st Lt. Gordon A. Ellison



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