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BAKER Company


Baker Company, under the command of Capt. James W. Miller, won more than its share of honors and commendations in the drive which terminated in VE.  7 Silver Stars, 10 Bronze Stars, and 3 commendations from the Division CG, plus the only two French Croix de Guerres with Silver Stars in the Division, speak well for the gallantry of B Company doughs.

After the jump off at Echternach, aggressive patrols from Baker uncovered information which eventually led to the brilliant and successful tactics employed by the 1st Battalion in the attacks on Prumzurley and Irrel.

On February 22nd. a patrol led by Lt. Theodore Andrewski was given the mission of escorting G-2 agents across the Prüm river to obtain information on the strength and nature of enemy positions.  Engaged in a fierce fire fight which lasted two hours and under artillery and mortar fire, the patrol captured 7 prisoners.  Information obtained from them enabled the Battalion to execute its successful encircling movement around Prümzurley into the rear of Irrel in the attack which followed four days later.  For their parts in this patrol, Lt. Andrewski, and S/Sgt. Max D. Moonitz were awarded the Croix de Guerre with Silver Star by Capt. La Hausois, French liaison, officer who was present during the action.

Near Prümzurley, Baker Company repelled a strong counter-attack and suffered its first casualties.  For out. standing courage in this initial action, S/Sgt. Robin B. Brown and Pfc. Clifford Corkren were awarded the Bronze Star.  And for work on a patrol prior to this action. S/Sgt. Moonitz, Sgt. (then Pfc.) Howard E. Wheeler Jr., and Pfc. Marvin Selge were presented with citations from the CG 76th.

From Prümzurley to Irrel, Baker company stormed town after town meeting little resistance until March 8th when one of its platoons was surrounded and cut off from contact with friendly troops.  The men held their position however, until relieved eight hours later by men from another company and a platoon of tanks.  For this heroic stand, S/Sgt. Jacob Peters was awarded the Silver Star posthumously. Sgt. (then Pfc.) Melvin G. Wolstead won the Silver Star, and Lt. Maurice Horski, S/Sgt. Guido P. Rech, Pfc. Alexander S. Vexlar and Medics Tec 4 James C. Cox Jr., and Tec 5 Oliver French received the Bronze Star.

After the crossing of the Rhine, Baker was again in the attack, occupying some 15 towns in less than two weeks, moving by foot and hitching rides on Tanks, TD's and half-tracks.

At Apolda, Baker had its first taste of occupation tasks, then driving forward once more, established and held defensive positions along the Mulde River until the link-up with the Russians.

Company B, with time en its hands, could look back en superlative achievements.  Theirs is a proud record, and Baker company men are proud of it.


Capt. James W. Miller






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