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Second Battalion



The C.O. - Lt. Col. James Schmidt

The Exec - Maj. Edwin Trowbridge

S-1 Capt. Theodore S. Staiger

S-2 2nd Lt. Lloyd C. Upton

S-3 Capt. Thomas B. Walton

S-4 2nd Lt. Edgar J. Weg


The C. O.
Lt. Col. James Schmidt


The Exec
Maj. Edwin Trowbridge



2nd Battalion Smashes Trough

Since being committed to action in the ETO, the 2nd Battalion has earned for itself an enviable reputation as a hard fighting, fast moving outfit, capable of taking care of itself in any situation.

Though having originally made contact with the enemy along the banks of the Sauer in Luxembourg, the 2nd Battalion had their first real engagement in the vicinity of Echternacherbrück in the Siegfried Line.  And in the days which followed breached the Line capturing many pillboxes and prisoners.

Without a rest, the Battalion joined the "Onaway" Task Force for a week, then went on to further battles and successes as towns were cleared in the Moselle Valley.

The Battalion crossed the Rhine on the 27th of March, and from the east bank of the Rhine to the West bank of the Mulde, were among the most forward elements of all the Allied Armies on the Western Front.  It was during this drive, that members of the 6th Armored Division commented that the Battalion was the first outfit moving on foot that had ever been able to keep up with them.  And on several occasions the Doughs passed up the Armor.  A 2nd Battalion record for one day was more than fifty towns captured.  A record hard to beat.


Capt. Theodore S. Staiger

2nd Lt. Lloyd C. Upton

Capt. Thomas B. Watson

2nd Lt. Edgar J. Weg



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