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 One of the roughest deals which Fox Company ran into was the town of Dachwig.  A German Army deserter said that the town would be undefended, and on the morning of April 10th under a blanket of fog, the Company began its approach march.

But the statement proved tragically untrue, and as the Doughs reached a point one hundred yards from the nearest buildings they were fired on by snipers and machine guns.  As the fog lifted, it revealed a clever trap and Fox Company was in it.  When the machine guns opened up, the men dove for ditches on either side of the road and though pinned down, they none the less returned fire.  A rush radio call was sent back for tanks.  Meanwhile our artillery and mortars moved up and started plastering the town.  But the company was unable to move until the tanks came into action and knocked out some of the enemy strong points. In the ditches before they arrived, it was suicide to move and those men who did were cut down.  Finally the third platoon stormed down the road leading into the town and were able to capture some houses.  At the same time, the second platoon attacked on the left and the first on the right.  Machine gun nests were taken by sheer guts.  All the while enemy fire was murderous.  It was a savage fight and "F" Company men will long remember it.  There were good men who fell, and there were countless acts of heroism.

But there is no rest for the weary, and that night the Company took off for an attack on the nearby town of Finsternthal.  The Doughs moved across country this time over streams and across fields, entering the town the same time as Company "E" entered from the opposite direction.  It was pitch black, and in the dark the men heard the rumblings of tanks.  No one knew whether they were friendly or not, but the Company moved in regardless.  Suddenly a weird green flare lit the night and revealed a Jerry tank sitting ominously in the center of the road.  Its big gun opened up with three rounds, and its machine gun ripped searing holes into the night.  It was a terrible moment.  The terror dragging on and the men diving for cover.  Then finally the tank lumbered off into the dark.  Later that night, other tanks were heard moving out.

But Fox had pleasant tasks as well, including one occasion when the company liberated 500 Allied Prisoners of War, including 130 Americans.  Spearheaded by a huge tank, and after obtaining special permission to do the job, men of Fox stormed into the town to cheers of joy from the former PW's, who were sent on their way with cigarettes and K rations.  They said the K's tasted damned good after the starvation rations of Jerryland.

By the 4th of May, Fox was dug in at Siegmar, overlooking the city of Chemnitz.  Here the biggest problems were handling the hundreds of German PW's and fleeing refugees, and trying to keep the city from surrendering.  When the end came, on the 9th, there was little celebration.  But Fox Company men could hold their heads high.  Their record was spotless.


1st Lt. Joseph DeHart






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