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MIKE Company


Mike Company set up its first battle shop in the little town of Lellig, Luxembourg, not far from the junction of the Sauer and Moselle rivers, and in January an uncomfortable portion of the world.  Here the company sustained its first casualties while helping repulse a German counterattack in the vicinity of a point known to all nearby Yanks as "the Champaign House".  Pfc. Frank Harris, and Sgt. Williams were particularly on the halt in the fracas.

On February 12th, Mike crossed the Sauer to support the riflemen of the 3rd Battalion in an offensive which gained momentum when, on the fourteenth, the 2nd Platoon, led by Lt. R. H. Boltz, supported Company "K" in their initial engagement.  Meanwhile the 1st Platoon, under Lt. C. R. Elliott, advanced with Company "L" to Hill 242 where they got a good taste of everything the Germans had up their sleeves.  It was here that Mike men learned the only place to be when you are not advancing is to be dug in. S/Sgt. Peter Matwickzyc found out when a shell landed right on top of his dugout, which fortunately had been a good job of engineering.

Heading for the Rhine. Mike took Pillboxes and prisoners in stride, supporting the rifle companies when called on. Grosslittgen is one town Mike won't forget, for here the men ran smack into 20mm flak guns and tanks.  During the attack, S/Sgt. Edward Transue did an heroic job of knocking out resistance. and Sgt. (then Pfc.) Daniel Westcott rescued a wounded man under heavy machine gun fire.  At Urzig, a small town on the Moselle, 1st Sgt. (then T/Sgt.) Raymond Kent stopped a Kraut bullet but the bullet didn't stop him.  And T/Sgt. (then Sgt.) John Lougen knocked out a couple of enemy automatic weapons while on a one man reconnaissance for machine gun positions.  Another memorable incident at Urzig was the rescue of a wounded man from a minefield by Capt. Earle K. Johnson.  Capt. Johnson and T/Sgt. Lougen were both awarded the Silver Star.

The Mortar platoon, under the leadership of Lt. R. C Coyle, and Lt.. (then T/Sgt.) P. L. Anthony, was in action constantly.  At Trupenhausen, the 1st Section was instrumental in turning back an enemy counter-attack which had been directed at Company "M".  During the battle for the town, the section fired some 600 rounds of HE and Smoke.  A good day's work for any mortar section.

Realization of the accurate mortar marksmanship and the knock out punch of a 30 cal Heavy have maintained a high degree of confidence in the fighting man whom the Company supported.  And Mike was always glad to be there.  A handy man to have around.

The final phase of the campaign saw Mike's weapon's carriers rolling right along with the 6th Armored and the 691st TD's.  And the end came at Grüna, near Chemnitz, were the Company took up the defensive.

It had been a long and weary road for the men since that farewell doughnut in an English pier.  But VE was at the end.


Capt. Earle K. Johnson






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