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Regimental Headquarters has been a busy place ever since leaving McCoy.  It is no easy job setting up Regimental CP's under combat conditions, and also quartering and setting up Headquarters Company, especially when thing, moved as fast as the Regiment did in the final stages of the campaign.  But thanks to efficient teamwork, everything got done and nothing was ever left behind.

The first of the CP's on the Continent was at Bacqueville, in France, where the outfit was installed in a fine old Chateau.  From here, via 40 and 8's and after a one night stand at Epoye near Reims, the Regiment went by motor through France and into Belgium and the Ardennes and into the Belgian town of Ortho, winding up there one dark night rather completely frozen.  While here, Regimental officers visited the Lines, but before the Regiment saw action a final move was made down through Luxembourg and onto the banks of the Sauer, where the Regimental CP was established at Betsdorf in a former sanitarium.  Betsdorf was the first taste of combat. with the I & R Platoon manning OP's and patrolling, while the Communications platoon had the immense task of clearing out the miles and miles of tangled wire left by the Bulge Battle.

Beyond the Sauer in Germany, the initial CP was in a large and elaborately camouflaged pillbox on the top of the cliff just above Echternach.  Here the company tasted artillery for the first time, al they did later at Landscheid.  Beyond Landscheid, the Regiment moved through Wittlich to Bombogen and from there to Kinderburen, near the Moselle.  Here Cpl. Ernest Sable won himself a Bronze Star for a four man daylight patrol which he led across the Moselle, and which succeeded in capturing a town and prisoners.

On the 19th of March, the Company made the long move to the Rhine, and Regiment set up at Dörth.  Here the I & R had OP's along the river and good sport watching Jerry on the far side.  Beyond the Rhine, the movements came fast and furious, with CP's in rapid succession in Ruppertshofen, Laufenselden, Worsdorf, and Altweilnau, which the Company occupied on Easter Sunday.  From here, the Company moved, on a dark, rainy night, over the autobahn to Friedlundburg, where, for the first time, electric light were found.  On the following day, Company Headquarters got lost and wound up in Kassel getting into a tangle with a sniper, and the I & R Platoon got strafed by German planes.

From the position south of Kassel, it was a mad scramble the rest of the way, with as many as three CP's during the course of a day, and many memorable ones, particularly Grossfahrner and the Castle Von Seebach, Limbach, Hohenstein, where the company was situated when news of VE Day flashed around, and Zwickau, where the Company took up the tasks of occupational troops, and sat down to relax.

The Days since January had passed quickly, and hart been busy, every one. Ask the men of Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Company to tell you the headaches of keeping 3,000 men on the move.  And you'll just begin to understand the immense problem tackled and over-come.


Capt. Woodrow T. Wilson


Capt. Clarence R. Nichols






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