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Special Services


1st Lt. Chestine W. Miller



The Special Service Office has always played an active part in the Regiment, and in the ETO has somehow made life a bit more endurable and enjoyable: making arrangements for those passes to London, taking care of the privileged ones who got to Paris or the Riviera, seeing that the Doughs got their share of PX rations, beer and cognac. requisitioning movie theaters and swimming pools.  The scope of the program, has been all inclusive and Lt. Miller at the head, has hart his hands full, with irons in all the fires.  Sitting at his desk with the phone ringing away he's been heard to remark, "I guess anyone and everyone in the Regiment who has a question and doesn't know the answer calls up SSO."  And it's just about true.

In the Bournemouth days in England, SSO sprang into action with a vengeance.  During the stay, the band was whipped into action, playing nightly for SSO arranged parties.  A Christmas party was arranged tot every Company.  The passes to London alone were a nice big headache, but everyone got there eventually, and all had wonderful times.  And there was "Infantry On", the hugely successful musical, many improvised entertainment's, and sight seeing tours to nearby places of interest.  And SSO also took care of that PA system which networked the different hotels.

On the Continental side of the Channel, SSO was no less busy, though the very nature of things restricted activities until the War ended.  But whenever the Regiment hauled up long enough, there were movies shown, and throughout the entire campaign PX rations came through faithfully.

With the arrival in Zwickau, SSO really went into action.  An indoor pool was taken over.  A ball diamond came into being and an athletic program got under way.  The Astoria theater was taken over and "A Tree Crows in Brooklyn" thrilled the guys from that quaint community.  The old "Opera House" was taken over for a GI Musical reflecting the lighter side of the race across the Reich.  "At Ease", the Regimental newspaper, installed itself in a fine printing shop and turned out swell copy as the weeks went on.  The band gathered itself together after having dispersed to fight the battles, and played for Company parties, with the German beer flowing freely.  Men were sent to nearby towns for performances of touring USO shows.  And even a circus was "captured" for the 385th GI's.









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