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No history has been written of the 417th Infantry Regiment until now. Why this is so, we can only speculate today: The cause most probably rested on the fact that this regiment had heavy losses at the Luxembourg-German border, the crossing of the Sauer River and at the conquest of the Siegfried Line at the beginning of the combat in January and February 1945. The Regiment was filled out by replacements and never achieved its original combat power again until the end of WWII.

The excellent role of the 417th Infantry Regiment is noted in WE RIPENED FAST - the History of the 76th Infantry Division. Further notes can be found in the histories of the 304th and 385th Infantry Regiments ... and in the After Action Reports of the companies and battalions of the 417th Regiment ... or the G-Journals of the 76th Infantry Division (until now, unfortunately, this one hasn't been evaluated - all restrictions are lifted since 1992!)

Copies of the After Action Reports, Combat Records and G-Journals (G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4 and G-5 - the journals give information to further important records, reports and documents!) are in the National Archives, Washington, D.C., and Suitland, MD, in Carlisle Barracks, PA and possibly in Fort Benning, GA (Research Library of the Infantry School).

Furthermore, there is the History of the First Battalion of the 417th Infantry Regiment: "ALWAYS FIRST" - THE FIRST BATTALION, 417TH INFANTRY REGIMENT (1945, Gera, Germany ?); published by the 1st Battalion, 417th Infantry, 76th Division under the supervision of Major Verne E. Pate, assistant supervisor and editor 1st Lt. John Milliken, assistant editor T/Sgt. Clyde H. Horning.


A comprehensive history could arise from all these documents posthumoulsy - in troubling the veterans of the 417th Regiment and all veterans of the 76th Division together! And by including until now unknown personal memories and documents of personal photos which are collected in albums to this day!

History of the 417th Infantry

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