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Assistant Division Commander
Brig Gen Francis A. Woolfley

Assistant Division Commander of the 76th, Brig Gen Francis A. Woolfley has been a professional soldier for thirty years. Serving first as a lieutenant with the Louisiana National Guard on the Mexican Border in 1916, he was commissioned a 1st lieutenant in the regular army in 1917. During the first World War, the General served as a captain with the 56th Infantry in the Meuse-Argonne offensive and the Alsace Lorraine sector, winning the Silver Star for gallantry in action.

A graduate of the Infantry School, Army War College and the Chemical Warfare School, Gen Woolfley also served as instructor at the War College and the Infantry School. From 1921-25 he was commandant of cadets and Professor of military science and tactics at Louisiana State University, and in 1926 went to San Juan, Puerto Rico where he served until 1929. He joined the 76th in March 1943, where he remained until July, 1945 when he became commander of the 106th Infantry Division.



Division Artillery Commander
Brig Gen Henry C. Evans

During the first world war, Brig Gen Henry C. Evans, 76th Division Artillery Commander, served six months as a truck driver with the French Army before receiving a furlough to Paris. He put his furlough time to good use and when he left Paris he was a 2d lieutenant with the 1st Division. He participated in five major engagements and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for "extraordinary heroism near Chaudun" and the Silver Star for gallantry in action in the Meuse-Argonne sector.

After the armistice he was commissioned a captain in the Maryland National Guard, became a major in 1930, a lieutenant colonel in 1931 and a colonel in 1940. When the National Guard was federalized in 1941 he commanded the 110th Field Artillery, 29th Division. He became 76th Division Artillery Commander in November 1942 and succeeded Gen Schmidt as 76th Division Commander until its demobilization.


Chief of Staff
Col William W. O'Connor

Col William W. O'Connor, Chief of Staff of the 76th Infantry Division, graduated from West Point in 1924. His twenty years of continuous army service includes duty in Hawaii and the Philippines and association with ten infantry regiments. From June 1942 until July 1943, Col O'Connor was in charge of operations and training as AC of S, G-3 of the 76th. He became Chief of Staff in August 1943. In addition to the U. S. Military Academy, Col O'Connor attended the Infantry School at Ft. Benning and the Command and General Staff School at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.


No words the saga full to tell,
No voice the vict'ry song to sing,
No pen the epic to inscribe,

No chisel, brush. . . . .

The giant deeds achieved
In answer to the nation's need,
Mirrored, stand but part revealed, --
Like sun, its form, the hue of it

Which man may aptly duplicate
But for its heat goes to the sun,
Sole, vivid master.

Thus unfolds the tale,
Reflections feeble, thin
Attenuated images
Remotely kin to gallant sons,
Living and dead, whose valiant strides
Outstrip all power to describe;
Model's meager replica,
Faint, unfully sung,
In wonder framed,
With pride retold.

The Editors


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