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Michael Robert Tuck - 12/05/00 02:35:32
My Email:mtuck56@aol.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: none yet

My father served with Co. L 304th Infantry. He died 30 Nov. '77 without talking much about the war or his service. As a son I miss him; this research helps me feel closer to him. As an Army veteran - peacetime - I'm curious to learn more about the 304th. Thank you!

Nancy A. Burns - 11/25/00 13:33:06
My Email:ddb1@earthlink.net

My father, Pfc. Vincent J. Andreoni (1916-1970) served in Co. L, 304 Inf Regt, 76 Inf Div, in 1944-45. He served as a rifleman. He told me when I was a child that he was accidently shot by another GI and spent a month in a hospital in France. I'd like o hear from anyone who remembers the incident.

Brad Johnson - 08/09/00 16:22:53
My Email:bradj1@cswnet.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: this one

Thanks for your efforts...a nice website. I am currently compiling a pictoral history of Company M of the 385th Regiment. My father, Capt. Earle Johnson, took several hundred photographs documenting the company's training and deployment to ETO. I am pl nning to complete the project in time to take it with me to this year's reunion in Louisville. Can you provide me with additional info regarding the reunion? My father who passed away in 1994 never attended and I want to do so while there is still a chan e to meet and visit with the men of the 76th. Thank you.

- 07/13/00 22:15:22

Hello, My dad, 1st Lt. Arthur Wenger was a protestant chaplain with the 304th. He remained in europe with the 83rd Division after the War. Thanks for the web site! Do you know where the next reunion will be?

Mark R. Wenger - 07/13/00 22:13:41
My Email:ArchHist@aol.com


Patricia DRAHEIM - 07/03/00 21:14:35
My Email:pfenn@earthlink.net

Anyone who might have served with my dad Theodore (Ted) Draheim...would appreciate an email..am planning on attending Louisville with his grandson..Theodore Fenn

John Bravos - 07/01/00 02:30:36
My Email:JeDance@aol.com

Great site. Searched all over the net trying to find news about the 76th. I was in the 302nd FA Btln, and was a Forward Observer with the 304th, mostly with A company.

Mark Marvin - 06/13/00 00:28:15
My Email:mmarvin@globalnetisp.net

Great site, and special to me. M. Marvin, D Co. 3rd 304th 76th Inf. Training Div. U.S. Army Reserve. This We'll Defend, we wear proudly.

Hank Maifeld - 06/11/00 14:17:21
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Nice Site. Enjoyed my visit.

Ron Sandlin - 04/12/00 12:56:00
My Email:pmicro@home.com

You have put together a great site and I commend you for your hard work.

Robert Ditto - 04/10/00 18:14:53
My Email:RobertD820@aol.com

I served in HQ company 304th. in Europe.

Mary Cloyd - 02/27/00 21:44:05
My Email:HeartRoc3@aol.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: enjoyed all

Just had to check you out cause of same last names Cloyd is my married name, but there isn't many around.

- 02/05/00 21:04:28


Pat Brown - 01/06/00 14:46:02
My Email:pbrown@hwpetro.com

I am proud of you for many reasons plus the work and dedication you have shown in keeping the memory of your Uncle Hollis and the other veterans alive. Thank you for being you, Love Pat.

Harold J. Lindberg - 12/30/99 22:14:39
My Email:Noribelle@aol.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: This one is my 1st choice

What a pleasant surprize as I searched the net and then was directed to this outstanding site. It required the skill and devotion of a man like Gerald Brown.

Dick Brown - 12/11/99 18:27:33
My Email:dbrown47@yahoo.com

I am amazed by the work done by the author of this page. It is both authentic and realistic. How can so much truth be obtained this long after the fact? It is amazing.

G B - 12/10/99 00:38:55

Very well done!

Cindy Garrow - 11/17/99 01:02:47
My Email:bilcin@vermontel.com

Mr Brown Your doing a wonderful job in honoring these men that fought for our country. and also has alot of history is show in your work also.. Thanks for honoring our men.It to bad there isn't a way to honor all the men and women that are in arm forces..

jean brown - 10/29/99 22:32:19
My Email:jbrown@inu.net

You have done an excellent job with your report and I am sure all who were involved in the WWII will appreciate your efforts. Perhaps it will encourage others to begin to research and record experiences and memories before they are lost. Thank you. Mom< r>
Eric Brown - 10/27/99 04:59:33
My Email:ebrown24@yahoo.com

You've done a great job! I was fascinated to learn how you have gone about collecting this information. You can tell you have a great love for this project, and you are doing so well at giving such a historical account. Good luck on finishing it. I wi l be checking it often.

- 10/26/99 13:25:41


David Brown - 10/25/99 15:54:07
My Email:djbrown@dbgcorp.com

I think it's great. You've collected a lot of information which probably came in as lots of scraps, bits and pieces and managed to put it together in an interesting and informative way. Add to that the fact that the events took place half a century ago, thousands of miles away, to a small group of individuals who are now (if still living) spread all over the country and perhaps the world, and it becomes evident just how challenging it had to be to collect this information and create a site of this sort. You're doing a great job with this site. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop further.

teri - 10/25/99 05:50:12
My Email:webhost@artspheres.com

Hi ! It looks like you've go a good start on an interesting subject. I look forward to your next addition. good luck!

Elsie Burton - 10/25/99 01:27:03
My Email:zipels@worldnet.att.net

It was so much fun working with you even if it was only for a very little of it. Enjoyed working with Richard as he is such a nice man and appreicate what you do for him Thanks for keeping in touch with all of us and please keep on as have kept what you s nt to us. Elsie Burton

gerald w brown - 10/24/99 04:47:12
My Email:wayno_69@yahoo.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: this one

dad i love what you have done.i wish more cared like you,keep up the research.love gwb

Rita Wealand - 10/23/99 23:18:16
My Email:ritamtg@netdot.com

Great Web Page! I will be visiting again.

Charles A. Brown - 10/23/99 16:40:59
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Jay Martin Hamilton - 10/23/99 01:59:12
My Email:jhamil9424@aol.com
Your Favorite WWII Webpage: This one

I have surveyed this Web Page constructed by Gerald T. Brown for his Grand Uncle Hollis Cloyd who was a member of G-304-76 Inf Div and who was KIA on/about 24 Feb 1945 near the Nimms River in Germany. Gerald has recaptured all that data that is available and done a marvelous Memorial. JMH

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