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1) Brad Johnson
I thought I would check back in. The site has grown since I was here last! Please refer anyone interested to: for photos my father took of M Company, 385th.
Brad Johnson, son of Capt. Earle K. Johnson
2004-09-24 22:57:01

2) Ed Burlin
Baltimore, MD
I was in the 385th inf regt George Co. Capt. Thomas Windsor commanding. Trained with 76 div at McCoy and went overseas and fought with them till the end.
2004-11-21 20:41:44

3) Tommy Combass
Jacksonville, FL
It was a great surprise when I placed my grandfathers name into a search engine to find out that there's actually a picture of him on the internet. My grandfather was H.V. Combass, Red Batallion, C Company, 2nd Platoon. I never got the please to ever see him in person because he died shortly before the beginning of my existence, so any kind of picture of him is a great thing to see. I was named after this man he was also known as H.V. ''Tommy'' Combass. Thank You for posting the picture. He has four surviving brothers currently as of 17 Dec 04.
2004-12-18 11:24:33

4) Raymond Gill
Grand Rapids MI
Co. F, 385 R'egt.
2005-01-29 19:49:47

5) Jay Martin Hamilton LTC(Ret)
Medford, Oregon 97504-7550
By 3/26/05 I will have published the history of the 417th Inf Regt, 76th Inf Div US Army, 230 pps w/personal entries of SFC Robert Brambin of his Grandfather Pfc Thomas Brambin 38380614, member 1st Bn, 417th Inf Regt; entry by Cheri Wullenwaber for her father Sgt Wm R. Bye 37074360, L Co, 417th; entry by LTC Orville Shawn Cupp US Army for his Grandfather Pvt Orville L. Cupp, Anti-Tank Co, 417th Inf Regt,an entry by Mr. Ross Heywood, Box 1270 Queenstown, New Zealand owner of a huge Nazi Flag that was signed by 60 members of the 417th Inf Regt, some remembrances of 2d Lt Howard M. Randall, Liaison Officer, 417th Inf Regt, former member of K Co, 417th Inf Regt who may have been the Officer who took two wounded GI's extracated from Pill Box 292 to Company F, 417th from which they received the needed medical attention (see also entry for John Edward BARNES, L Company, 417th Inf Regt, entry by Mrs. Daphne M. Houze for her father Pvt (Later M/Sgt John Edward BARNES) L Co 417th Inf Regt, entry of Gary Kittleson for his father Carl J Kittleson S/Sgt I Co, 417th Inf Regt, and finally the personal story of Bernard W. Whittington, Cpl Anti-Tank Co 417th Inf Regt, a complete work of over 50 pages. We are grateful to these contributors and to other organizatons such as the National Archives, which furnished us with complete General Orders of the 417th for the award of members of that unit of the Combat Infantryman Badge, which entitles each of them also to apply for the Bronze Star Medal. We are grateful also to Gerald Brown & Ulrich Koch who have supported us in this effort and LTC(Ret) Robert Donahoe, Secretary-Treasurer, 76th Infantry Division who gave us moral and spiritual not to mention monitary support.
Thank you!
Jay Martin Hamilton, LTC(Ret)
2005-03-24 15:40:50

6) Wayne Dyer
Heman S. Blackwell of Saddleback, Maine was my grandfather. His enlistment record and honorable discharge show he was a cook in Co. A, 302 Infantry in France in 1918. He got out early due to some illness and a stay in a hospital in France. Interestingly, he got $93 mustering out pay. I'm sure that was quite a sum in those days.
2005-04-02 09:43:37

7) Joerg Fried
Hello erverybody, nearly sixty years ago (March 28th 1945) first soldiers of the US-Army entered my hometown Idstein. Now I want to know, which unit these soldiers belonged to. I Think these were soldiers of 304th battailon 76th infanty division, but I'm not sure. Is there anybody who can help me ? Who knows a veteran soldier of this battailon ? \
Thanks for Your help !
2005-04-12 01:28:35

8) Kathy Tackel
My father, Bertram Moje was a sergeant with the 304th Infantry Regiment, Co. B. He lived in NJ, but now lives in California. He is hoping to attend the 2005 reunion. Is there anyone who remembers him?
2005-05-17 09:55:59

9) Linda Ajello
CT. email:
I would really like to find S/Sgt. John A. Grant or a member of his family. He was in Co.F of the 417th and was good friends with my father S/Sgt. Edward Johnson. Please e-mail me at address shown.
2005-05-27 20:08:02

10) George Arnstein
Washington, DC
6/2005. 76th Cavalry Recon Troop (Mechanized)for details see, scroll to unit histories.
2005-06-01 19:45:24

11) Bob Beberfall
Ontario, CA
On this page in the 3rd photo, the last person listed was my uncle, Lester Beberfall (1911-1973). I sure would appreciate any info, photos, etc.
2005-06-29 09:35:26

12) Lucille (Mrs. Ellsworth) Eue
Houston, TX
Would love to hear from anyone who served with Ellsworth Eue, 901st Field Artillery
2005-07-13 19:10:21

13) Robbert L.
Hello, I am a boy from 19 years old, I'm living in the Netherlands. I am tending the grave of Joseph E. Roseberry 76th Infantry Division/901st Field Artilery Battalion. I go to his grave every week to thank him and all the others who fight for our freedom. I am searching for more information about Joseph E. Roseberry. Every kind of information is very welcome.
Sincerely, Robbert
2005-07-24 12:03:34

14) robert|geberth|larchmont
new york
great site for 76th recon history scrool down to 76th recon troop section
2005-08-22 11:21:51

15) Tom Tarr Edmond
Son-in-Law to S/Sgt. Frank Giasson, 3rd Platoon,Co.G, 304th Infantry. May, 1916 to Sept. 11, 2005. RIP. Thanx for the Co.G details.
2005-09-12 23:06:31

2005-11-13 04:59:26

17) Dean & Teri Thompson
Poulsbo, Washington
My wife's father Arnold D.Holman (HQ/901) passed away March 31st of this year. We have his uniform and ribbons as well as many wonderful stories. What we cannot find is a black binder book he had with photos and maps. We intended to pass this with his other items to his only grandson who is currently serving with the U S Airforce. Arnold truly was a member of this country's Greatest Generation, he was the real deal no phony airs just a wonderful caring man. Any help in finding a replacement for this book would be truly appreciated.
2005-12-31 21:11:11

18) Al Moavero
Hello, I'm looking for anyone that may have known my uncle, George Egnor. He served with Company K 385th Inf 76thDivision. Other than his service info, I have little information on his service, like specific areas of service in the ETO. I'm also looking for pictures of him, as my family doesnt seem to have any from the time he was in the army.
Thanks, Al
2006-02-03 17:43:28

19) Henry Hatt
I am looking for any information about the history of the 90th regarding the area of SOUTHERN THURINGIA, county of SAALFELD, a region where mountains are covered with black stones from the slate mines. I am desperately looking for veterans who have been in that area or for any material (pictures, notes) which they might have left to someone. IG Farben had started to built an underground fuel production site in Unterlockwitz. The slate mine in Unterlockwitz was than guarded and closed for public. US military searched the mine for 4 weeks but NARA does not have any documentation. Also IG Farben had hidden 50 boxes with secret papers (also other content?) in the mine and it remains unclear what happend to them. Where are there no records or why are they not available in US archives? Any help about that subject is highly appreciated.
Thanks Henry
2006-02-22 02:30:16

20) Charles W. Merten
PO Box 1027, Stowe VT 05672
I am looking for any available information about my friend, Jack (John) McKenna, hometown Seattle WA, infantryman in the 76th Division, killed in Europe in 1944, He attended one year at Harvard Univ. then in ASTP and from there to the 76th. I do not know his unit or circumstances of his death. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him, or suggestions on where to search.
2006-02-25 10:17:05

21) Robbert
I am the grave attendant of Lt. Joseph E. Roseberry 901st FAB/76th ID. KIA 12 April 1945 and buried in the Netherlands. I do a lot of research to Lt. Roseberry and I am contact with his sister right now. I get a lot of help from LTC Jay M. Hamilton. I made a website about Lt. Roseberry:
2006-03-08 12:27:07

22) Charles Schatz, Jr
Kingsville, MD 21087
My Father (Charles B. Schatz, SR) belonged to the 417th reg. Company I, 76th Infantry Division. My Dad passed away in June, 1994. He was very proud of his service during the War and passed on his experiences to me, his oldest son. He landed in Le Havre, France in Jan, 1945. I believe his unit fought in Luxembourg and crossed the Rhine between Boppard & St Goar. He was almost killed on Good Friday during a skirmish in the town of Schmitten. I think his unit was fighting SS Cadets. He remembers helping to liberate a Concentration Camp somewhere in Eastern Germany. He took a Swastika Souvenier off a house in Liepzig and then headed south ending up on VE Day in Chemnitz, Czechoslovakia. Several years before his death I had the pleasure of going with him to the National Archives Library in Washington DC to retrace his units path thru Europe. It brought back many memories for him. Like most WW II Vets he played down what he had done in the War, but to me he was,as are all Vets my Heros.
2006-03-11 22:34:21

23) Gale R. Darland
Co. L, 385th Inf. Regt., 76 Inf. Div.
I am Gale's son. He passed away on 14 March 2006. Does anyone remember him. Records, old photos, stories, and anything you remember about the war. Thanks for your service to our nation.
2006-03-16 17:50:53

24) Victoria Gardens
New York
Hi, I am madly in love with your site.I came in this world not knowing who my dad was. i learnt he died a long time ago now of recent i just realised i am the beneficiary to a large sum of money wud luv to build up a veteran home. i love ur site!!!!!!!!!
2006-03-25 12:49:53

25) Richard H Dawley
G Co., 304th Inf. Rgt., 76th Div.
Mt Holly, Vt
Gerald, You have done a very great job.
2006-05-02 13:15:05

26) Beth Dalton
I cant believe I stumbled across this web site. FRANCE COOK IS MY GRANDFATER (my moms side)(G Co., 304th Inf. Rgt.) . Feel free to contact me..
2006-07-12 12:02:19

27) John Este
Decatur, TX
My grandfather was Junius Este. Company F 385. 1944-1945. He was quite fond of the men he served with. I have some info about his time there. But, would love to see pic or hear more stories anyone has to share. If you knew him please contact me. Thanks.
2006-08-19 00:49:20

28) E Evans
I have a copy of ''Always First'' history of the 417th. I've eMailed the webmaster a few times. No response. Any idea how to get in touch with him. He's wanted this for years and I've had it for years.
2006-10-28 10:39:59

29) Paul Masarek
Collingswood, NJ
My father, Paul Masarek is looking for his good friend and Company Commander, William Simonovich of the M Company, 304th Infantry. He was from Pennsylvania. My father, Paul, is now 90 and tells us wonderful stories of cooking for the M Company.
2006-11-26 08:11:43

30) wesley fraser
scarborough maine
I joined the 76th Div HQs MP Platoon Jan. 30th, 1945 in Luxembourg. Leonard Quiring was with mein basic training at Camp McClellan, Alabama.and we went overseas together. We were in our first month in action when Len was killed by artilery fire in Echternach Lux. on Feb 13th 1945. I was with the 76th until it was disbanded after VE day in May 1945
2006-12-22 20:54:54

I'm the grandson of Harold F. Long Private First Class, Co F, 417th Reg, 76th Inf. Div. If anyone has any info on Company F, I would love to here from them. My phone #417-499-4159. Please call any time. Thank You.
2007-01-07 20:12:08

32) Ann Schneider
Does anyone remember Everett J. Schneider, Jr? He was with the 364th Field Artillery Battalion, 76th Infantry Division.
2007-01-23 17:14:41

33) Brian Shaw
Raleigh, North Carolina
Great site! Thank you for this work. My father, Warren Shaw, died April 2005. He was Master Sergeant in HQ Co. If anyone knows him I would love to hear from you.
2007-02-20 14:03:44

34) Miriam Childers
Tulsa, OK
My great-uncle was Jay Q. Spahr. He was in Co. L, 304th Regiment, 76th Infantry. He trained at Camp McCoy, WI and then shipped overseas. He was in Bornmoth England for 2 months before being sent to the front. He tells of traveling in boxcars through France. He was in the Battle of the Bulge. According to his story, he was in a jeep that ran over a land mine somewhere in Luxemborg, was thrown out with shrapnel injuries to his leg which apparently froze to the ground and was immoblized there for several hours. He was discovered finally and transported to a med unit in an old school house, then transported to a hospital ship and then back to England. He was mustered out as a Master Sgt. Uncle Jay passed away a few years ago. I would really appreciate if any one who knew him and/or knew more of him or those circumstances would contact me. We are compiling a family history and would like to add more details to his story.
Thank you.
2007-02-24 13:46:35

35) Bernard Z. Lee
Houston, Texas
It's Memorial Day 2007 and I'm filled with thoughts and memories of comrades from AT Company of the 385th. Dear friends Lucius Bunton, a PFC when we were together and later a Federal Judge in Midland, Texas and Louis K. Jones. We were three 19 year olds back then and remained close until their recent deaths.
I miss them!
2007-05-28 09:29:36

36) George Arnstein
Washington, DC, email:
76th Recon: In anticipation of the final reunion Oct 2007, this is to ask all 76 recon troopers (and family members)who plan to attend, to get in touch with me. -May 2007. Try Yahoo.groups,Recon76 or email me as above.||2007-05-30 18:04:48 37) Scott Garman
I just recievd a Garand from the CMP program yesterday. The rcvr is dated 640xxx making it early June, 42. What may be of interest is that the stock is stamped on the butt, right side - K. 301. E. B. There is a number stamped on the left side that starts 30? I need to clean more to see if it will come out cleared. The rifle appears to have been rebuilt in 55. The barrel is 2 55 sa Does anyone have anything they can tell me?
2007-05-30 21:04:07

38) John Carter
ads at jecarter dot com I'm looking for information on my father, Edward ''Buddy'' Carter who was in Co G, 385th Infantry at Ft. Meade in May 1943. He was killed in France around 1 August 1944, I've so far found no information between those dates.
2007-06-05 21:15:53

39) Mark Waldenberger
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Still searching for information on my paternal grandfather, Woodrow Knox who was at Fort McCoy in 1946 and met my grandmother there. Originally, I started doing this research for my Dad after we found it his mother had kept the truth from him about his Dad and basically lied to him all those years. Now he is gone and I am still searching for myself and my brothers and family.
2007-07-17 16:11:57

40) Dan Ball
My name is Dan Ball. My late father, PFC Richard Ball, served with Anti-Tank Co. 385th Inf. regiment , 76th Div. He was from Grand Rapids Michigan. I'm not sure which Platoon he was in. According to my mother, he was involved with mine clearing. If anyone knew him, please contact me at Thank you and thanks to all those that served in the armed forces for your great sacrifices!!!!
2007-08-22 23:22:10

41) Lynn Freeman
My dad, Eli Gerowitz, served with Company F, 304th Regiment, 76th Division, 3rd Platoon. He also volunteered for McCarran's Tiger Patrol. I would love to find someone who served with him. He passed away almost 3 years ago and never really talked about his war experience. My son and I are trying to learn as much as we can about his service. We know he was at one of the beaches at Normandy, but do not know which one. I also know there was a concentration camp that he was one of the liberators of and I would like to find out which one.
I can be contacted at this e-mail: or at the phone number below as well. I did printout the book, "We Ripened Fast" and located his picture in it. He enlisted at 17 out of Rochester, New York.
Thank you for any information you might be able to provide me.
Lynn Freeman
Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
(216) 274-2418 (voice)
(216) 241.2824 (fax)
2007-08-21 18:41:06

42)Thomas J. Walker
Mr. Brown,
I am looking for anyone out there who has information on my grandfather, 1SG William A. Walker, who was assigned to the 76th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop. I believe he was assigned to F Troop, but I am not 100 percent sure. If anyone has information such as personal stories or pictures related to my grandfather, I would appreciate it. He passed away in 1978.
Thomas J. Walker
Austin, TX
2007-08-29 10:05:38

43)Charles W. Enlow
My father, John W. Enlow, Jr., served with the 76th during WWII. He was assigned to the 355th Field Artillery Battallion, his MOS was as a Field Lineman and he also served as a Forward Observer. Dad passed away in 1989 and I remember fondly some of the "war stories" he used to tell. I would be interested in locating anyone who may have served with my father.
Thank you for your time and information.
Charles W. Enlow
2007-10-05 16:53:29

44) Terry L. Glusko, Sr.
Springfield, MA
2007-11-13 20:42:56

45) Linda Ajello
I have been trying to reconnect members of Fox Co. of the 417th for a number of years now. I am also trying to locate friends of my father's or members of their families. My father was S/Sgt. Edward Johnson from Kent, Ct. His nickname was Big Swede. I would particularly like to hear from S/Sgt. John A. Grant or members of his family. I have photos of him and he was obviously a good friend of my Dad's. Thanks for this website Gerald!
Linda Ajello
2007-11-18 07:53:37

46) Alan Beasley
Fairmonunt, GA
2007-12-06 20:47:07

I am creatting film using an old audio recording of my grandfathers account of ww2 his name was

Waymon H Drummond (Sgt)
76th Infantry 304th Infantry Regiment
Company H

Heavy machine gun squad leader(7 men in squad)
His audio recording is the short sanitized version. I am looking to tell the whole story in this film, any facts, maps, photos or details that anyone could add would be very helpful.
Alan Beasley
PO Box 357
Fairmount, GA 30139

47) Jennifer
2008-01-20 23:37:55

My father, Herman Ernest Brown, served in Co. B of the 385th. He met my mother in Antwerp, they're happily married still. Watching the movie "Band of Brothers" opened discussion of his war experience for the first time. We were surprised how fresh the emotions were after so many years but it was wonderful to have him speak of it finally.
He took many photos of Germany and the train trip to France. I would be glad to share them with anyone who is interested. He has photos of meeting the Russians on the bridge also. It was very emotional to see that scene depicted at the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. I wish many blessings to all veterans who may read this, thank you.

48) PFC Tom M. Davis, 304th IR
2008-03-24 21:05:41

My father, PFC Tom M Davis, was a Silver Star recipient and was with the 304th. Please add his email address to the guest book.
Michelle Davis

Tom Davis email:

49) SSGT Charles Q. Downs
2008-05-27 00:53:00

My dad was SSGT. Charles Q. Downs he received the bronze star in Germany. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me. AT

The guest book is currently down, but if you would like to add to this posting then please email me at:
Place "76th Division" in the Subject. Please include your name, location, and any information you would like posted.

Please let me know if you would like your e-mail address linked to your name so that other readers can contact you. I will not add this link unless you give the ok.

Give me a few days to a week and I will get the posting added to this page.
Thank you,
Gerald Brown

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