"Far Far=Father's Father=Grandfather"

The following stories will be exerpts from a book by Harold J. Lindberg. He was encouraged to write the book of his World War II experiences by his family. Lindy was one of the first men to respond to the letters I sent out seeking information on my great uncle PFC Hollis A. Cloyd. He sent me a copy of his recently published book, and it helped to put a lot of things into perspective.

We met for the first time at the Reunion of the 304th Infantry Association in Nashville, TN, Sept. 23, 1999. I was impressed by Lindy's stories, his wonderful wife Nora, and by the man himself. My wife Pat and I consider them to be dear friends. G. B.

Gerald and Pat Brown, Nora and Harold Lindberg
Mesa, AZ April 2001

This is Lindy's story as he wrote it.


This is written with special interest in our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren reading this information. May each one pass on knowledge and experience that demonstrates individual commitment and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My Grandchildren include:
Christy (Anderson) Shaw, Lisa Anderson, Tim Anderson and Dan Anderson
Matt and Jenny Howell
Karin, Kendra, Elyia, Nevi, Chava and Rivka Lindberg
Krissy and Katie Lindberg

My Great Grandchildren include:

Michael, Kelsey and Josie Shaw


I am indebted to so many who have encouraged me to document my early life.
First and foremost, Nora. I am unable to demonstrate or describe her support and encouragement all through our life together. I term this God's richest blessing.
I must include each of our offspring, Steve, Kriss, Judy and Janet. Even though they could not understand my position or opinion on every occasion, I still sensed their love and strong support. Judy and Janet's husbands, Doug Anderson and Everet Howell are second to none as they demonstrated respect to me though so often I was not worthy.
Arizona Boy's Ranch had a significant role. If you consider yourself my friend, I'm grateful to you, too many to report. May God bless you too!
Nora and I have discussed a sequel that would cover our lives from matrimony to the present. "All of our confusion, He understood".
Do yourself a favor and encourage Mor Mor to write. You can learn a great deal from her.
My deepest appreciation is extended to my daughter, Janet. Her visit to a significant battlefield at Echternach, Germany helped qualify her to advise me, type and edit this indepth history of my World War II experiences.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2: Spring of '42

CHAPTER 3: Training

CHAPTER 4: Onaway

CHAPTER 5: L.C.I. (Landing Craft Infantry)<

CHAPTER 6: Battle of the Bulge

CHAPTER 7: Through the Siegfried Line to Mekel and Trier

CHAPTER 8: Crossing the Kyll

CHAPTER 9: Priest to Speicher

CHAPTER 10: Reassignment and Recap

CHAPTER 11: Across the Rhine

CHAPTER 12: God's Chosen

CHAPTER 13: On To Dresden

CHAPTER 14: Two Altenbergs

CHAPTER 15: Heaven and Home

CHAPTER 16: Big John

CHAPTER 17: God's Richest Blessing

CHAPTER 18: More Stories

Epilogue and Appendix


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