G Company at 304th Reunion. Harold (Lindy) Lindberg of 2nd Platoon, Richard Dawley of 3rd Platoon, Gerald Brown Great Nephew of PFC Hollis A. Cloyd of 3rd Platoon, Richard (Bert) Schappel of HQ Company

Saying farewells at end of 54th and final Reunion of the 304th Infantry Regiment Association, September 15, 2000

Lindy Lindberg (2nd Platoon), Richard Dawley (3rd Platoon), and Willie Smith (2nd Platoon). This was Mr. Smith's first reunion and the first time he had seen Lindy since 1945. Willie Smith had been awarded the Silver Star for heroism during the Rhineland Campaign

76th Division Banquet, September 16, 2000, Louisville, KY

Gerald and Pat Brown / Pat Brown and Nora Lindberg
At the 76th Division Association Banquet September 16, 2000

Mr and Mrs William Smith / Mr and Mrs Richard Dawley

Mr and Mrs Harold Lindberg / Raymond Gill (F-385) and son Keith Gill

G Company at 76th Banquet
Mr & Mrs Willie Smith, Bert Schappel, Mr & Mrs Richard Dawley,
Mark R. Wenger son of Regimental chaplain 1st Lt. Arthur D. Wenger standing behind the Dawleys,
Mr & Mrs Gerald Brown, Mr & Mrs Harold Lindberg

Willie, Bert, Richard, Gerald & Lindy


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76th Infantry Division

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