As You Remember It
"417th Infantry In WWII"
(Additions, memories, awards, documents)

This section is new. I am looking for your remembrances of World War II. I would like to collect your stories of the 417th Infantry Regiment. Whether it be a story of a certain battle or slipping into someone's yard in England to cut a tree for Christmas. If you were a member of the 417th Regiment or a family member with stories or pictures, I would like to hear from you.
I will begin posting the stories on my site as they come in. Information I will need will be name, unit, date (approximate if your memory is like mine),pictures that you would like to share and your story(Pictures are very important, I will scan these and return them).
These stories are important to save for following generations and hopefully we can save a few here. You may send your information by e-mail and I will copy and paste your stories and pictures. Or you may mail them to:

Gerald Brown
556 John Brown Road
Lufkin, TX 75904

If you have any special instructions about posting your information please include with story.


(Note: You may e-mail your stories by clicking the link below. Your story will be added to the site soon. Please be sure to add as much information as possible, including the unit you or loved one was with, name, address (let me know if you don't want the address information listed on site), and pictures. The pictures may be attached to e-mail or mailed to address above. Please let me know if you would like the pictures returned.)

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